Coming from a visual merchandising background I have a huge focus on how stalls look. If your starting out in the market scene or want some refresher tips why not drop me an email or have a chat at the next market. I'm always keen to help you out. You might even have some idea's to share with me. We all have market days when we just can't get our table right ( I had this just last market ) other times it just goes together.

Just a few things if you have a stall at one of our markets.

1 ) Table cover. All tables MUST have a cover on them before you start to display your products.
     Why not treat yourself to a few metre's of fabric from spotlight. You can pickup calico fabric in white really cheap. This is a great base for your display. Also flat sheets are ideal. We like your table cover to be in a tidy condition. eg washed and not creased. I've found from doing a lot of markets and looking at photos that white ( or light colours ) really are great.  ( this isn't a MUST just a like ) It brings out your products. A few of the girls then use a  display cover over top of this base cloth. eg a vintage table cloth.

We ask that your table cover drops almost to the floor at the front. I personally don't want to look at your feet I'm more excited about what's on your table. There is nothing worse than seeing stall holders cardboard boxes.

 Here are a few photo of how a table cover should look. Dropped at the front. In the second photo they have used a display cover over the top. We recommend it's not too bright as again it's distracting from your products. The top photo is Absolutely Alice one of our regulars. Isn't it great that we can't see her feet!!!! ( even if they are lovely feet Alice ) I'm loving the bunting's in both photo's.

2 ) Now lets display your products. The way you display your products has a HUGE impact on them
   and  also how you FEEL about them. Why would a customer want to buy something that has been thrown on your table with no love at all. If you show love in how you display your products this will impact your sales. Ruby Jude always looks amazing and makes use of walls etc to display her products.  A few points when setting up your table......

a ) HEIGHT Do you have height in your display???? Why not look around your house for something to use. An old wooden box is perfect. A basket, vases, bowls, even the kitchen draw is a good starting point. I use a pair of old kitchen scales to display my small toys, wooden boxes painted white, old suitcases and more. If your table is flat and you don't wish to have height why not do something different. This photo shows how beautiful the items look without much height. I did display tables like this all the time in retail they scream BUY ME!!!!

b ) THEME why not have a theme on your table. Niki from Oddoneout is a perfect example. I give Niki top points for her display as with lots of other regulars at CT. Niki uses lighting which looks beautiful. She also has a bit of a colour theme going on through her display. And WOW Niki your products look great.

c ) SIGNAGE so how do customers know who you are??? Do you have your business cards out???
     These look lovely even just placed neatly on your table. I use a little wooden box for mine. If you don't have business cards why not make some up yourself. This can be fun and look really cute. Another option is Vista Print. They are great for all your marketing needs. Natalie from Poppy & Bee always has great clear signage and business cards on the ready.

d ) PRICING. Each to their own but I like to know how much an item is. Even something hand written is fine. Why not have a special. $20 each or two for $36.00. Ellaquaint all priced up

e ) LAST OF ALL a smile. There is nothing worse than seeing a really unhappy person sitting behind a table. We all have bad days but you need to remember that we are providing a service to our customers. I  like to think of ourselves as a shop. And I would like our customers to leave feeling happy : ) I love seeing all the stall holders chatting away and having a laugh with their customers and fellow stall holders. A market that feels happy IS happy.

A lot of stall holders comment on the feel of Crafternoon Tea. Everyone is happy and chatty. The stall's all look amazing and we have a great customer flow each month. If your looking at starting out markets why not head along to one for some idea's. Have a look at Crafternoon Tea's photo's on Facebook.

And lastly, some more reading from Finders Keepers Market

Keep it crafty : )